SCADA & Commercial Software

SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) is a class of software designed to gather real time and historic data from instruments and devices in various locations, to present that information to the user, and to provide straightforward control of those devices to the user. A typical SCADA application might be engineered using a commercial SCADA package such as Citect, or it might be a bespoke application. SCADA can be considered a step up from (and a superset of) HMI/MMI (Human/Man Machine Interface) tools.

SCADA is ideal for building automation, providing an overview of the building and its status and providing an easy mechanism through which an operator with sufficient access rights can control the buildings facilities. SCADA is also used for process control and simple data acquisition tasks. More Solutions engineers are familiar with all of these applications, working with Citect SCADA and other SCADA and HMI tools, as well as developing our own web based SCADA technologies. Our engineers are also able to support, maintain and develop Citect applications built by other integrators, and have been doing so for over fifteen years.

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