Excelsior Academy


The Excelsior Academy in Newcastle has been fitted out with approximately 50 power monitoring meters, logging electricity usage around the building.

Meters have been installed into all the electrical distribution boards throughout the school, 8 in total. Each board supplies a different faculty within the school, and each board contains a number of distribution circuits powering lights, sockets, heating and ventilation etc. Each power meter monitors the electrical usage for each distribution circuit, logging KiloWatt Hours, Current, Power, Voltage, Power Factor and numerous other readings across a 3 phase board.

The meters are connected via an RS485 connection back to an Ethernet gateway which is then connected to the schools data network. A server in the facilities office is then able to interrogate each meter and log energy values every 15 minutes, as well as provide real time reading at the touch of a button.

Monthly usage reports are generated automatically allowing analysis of the usage within each faculty right down to how the energy was used, ie lighting, heating etc. By entering the energy costs into the server a detailed costing sheet can be produced and each faculty can be charged accordingly for their energy usage.