The xComfort Wireless switch system from Eaton (formally Moeller) is a wireless system capable of switching lights on and off, dimming lights, programming light scenes, remote control of shutters, gates and doors, controlling temperature and ventilation, installing alarm systems or movement detectors. xComfort makes it all possible without complicated wiring, making it ideal for retro-fit work and in particular for locations where chasing cables and other works typically required when installing a lighting control system are not acceptable – for example, listed or historic buildings , or temporary structures (such as office partitions which may be moved).

xComfort systems can be used for anything from updating existing installations or extending, renewing and improving them. As well as providing a wireless link between switches, sensors and actuators (lights, radiator valves, etc), xComfort systems can also be controlled by remote control, a mobile phone or via the Internet.

xComfort Advantages:


  • Low power consumption
  • Design tailored to your style
  • Control your lights and heating
  • Better security
  • Wireless control
  • No unsightly cables
  • Remote control via smartphone or web

A smart home from xComfort allows from complete home automation with intelligent building monitoring, wireless lighting control systems, heating and other devices. xComfort systems come with an innovative stylish design and a wide palette of colours to fit any style or d├ęcor.