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Commercial Building Automation Solutions

More Solutions have a wealth of experience in commercial building automation, and industrial and commercial software development.

This includes application development on Windows and Linux (x86 and AMD) platforms, with mobile phone application support (iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows Mobile), and encompasses solutions based around commercial SCADA tools such as Citect, and completely bespoke code development with a focus on cross-platform interoperability and web access.

Benefits of Building Automation Solutions

  • Analysis of, and reductions in, energy and maintenance costs
  • Improved consistency of the working environment through controlled lighting and heating levels
  • Reduced environmental impact

In challenging economic times, many wisely business focus on reducing energy costs, but miss other potential savings that can be achieved. For example, lamp wear can relate to the frequency with which they are switched and the on/off ramp times, so the way in which fittings are switched can be as important as making sure they are switched off when not needed.


By utilising the latest building automation solutions, and integration with (and support of) legacy systems where needed, More Solutions are able to provide complete building management solutions in any size of commercial building, and have worked across the sector from major stadium venues to manufacturing facilities, retail outlets to schools and hospital, as well as bespoke housing projects.

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