D-Bus Lighting Control

Home Automation (D-Bus)

The Home Automation (D-Bus) brand of lighting control was acquired by Eaton and subsequently discontinued in favour of their xComfort range of wireless hardware.

It is still in use in a number of large commercial applications, and in an agreement between More Solutions and Eaton the support of existing customers is now handled by More Solutions, who have several engineers trained in and familiar with the Home Automation (HA) system, as well as direct contact with the original developers of the system.

What is D-Bus?

D-Bus lighting control systems are based on a backbone structure which links to a series of D-Bus floor controllers, which in turn communicate with individual floor networks.

A D-Bus system allows for an individual component and other devices to be connected to a common single twisted pair network cable. The cable provides a path for all commissioning, configuration and control functions for the control system.

D-Bus lighting control systems are easily operated, distributed intelligence system.

D-Bus lighting control systems range from control functions such as simple switching, occupancy, timed events, manual and automatic dimming controls. System modifications to D-Bus networks can be carried out remotely by the inclusion of a remote dial-up facility, enabling swift response to clients request for assistance.

The Home Automation range is based around an LCM (Lighting Control Module) infrastructure communicating over Echelon (LON) based D-Bus. More Solutions have access to limited spares which are made available to supported D-Bus customers, including the popular HA7651 LCM and HA7631 sensors.

More Solutions are also able to support the OSS2000 based head end graphics systems that were frequently installed, and we can provide support remotely via dial-up or Internet (and can manage the upgrade from dial-up to ADSL when required).

D-Bus Support

While D-Bus systems are now obsolete, More Solutions provides a range of on-going support and maintenance to existing systems and can upgrade applications to current lighting control technologies.

Working with your existing parameters and protocols, the technical engineers at More Solutions will be able to rectify faults and analyse your system accordingly. Should your system cease to function we will be able assess your network, repair faults and provide options to upgrade existing control applications. We also have access to new compatible products that allow existing systems to be extended and supported moving forward with current technology, so there is no need to throw away your existing investment in D-Bus based lighting control in order to have a system that can meet your needs for the future.

We would urge anyone with a Home Automation system installed to make contact with us so that we are able to ensure that support is available to you in future should it be required.

If you require assistance and support on your D-Bus network or would like to have your system upgraded, contact More Solutions on 0844 251 1450.