Lighting Control

More Solutions are specialists in lighting control and have experience in a range of home automation, heating, lighting control and energy management technologies.

C-Bus (Clipsal / Schneider)

C-Bus (from Clipsal, a Schneider brand) is a communication protocol for lighting control solutions, combining controls, sensors and user interfaces to provide automation control of lighting using Cat.5 cable.  This method improves the reliability of command transmission and makes C-Bus far more suitable for large commercial buildings or applications.

More Solutions are experts in the deployment and support of large complex C-Bus systems.

D-Bus (Home Automation / Eaton)

D-Bus is a legacy lighting control system based on the open LON technology. Although still in use in many buildings, it was the victim of a corporate decision after its acquisition by Eaton, but support is still available through More Solutions, including a limited quantity of spare parts and integration with newer systems which maintain the value of any existing investment in a D-Bus system.

More Solutions specialise in providing on-going support for D-Bus networks.

DALI (Open Standard)

DALI is an intelligent and open lighting management system providing distributed lighting control through intelligent addressable ballasts and other control gear. DALI systems work with compatible sensors and switches from multiple manufacturers, and integrate with other lighting technologies such as LON and C-Bus.

DALI has similar applications to, but is much more flexible than, DSI and 1-10V control.

KNX (Open Standard)

KNX lighting is a simple system for intelligent electrical installation networking for residential and commercial applications. KNX systems cover all building services such as lighting, security, HVAC, blinds, electrical appliances, windows, facades and many other functions. It is frequently integrated with DALI and other technologies

LON (Echelon / Open Standard)

Lon is a world leading technology for networking building services, devices and is an international standard “Control Network” protocol (ISO 14908) for open data communication in building automation, controls & building management.

xComfort (Moeller / Eaton)

The xComfort wireless lighting and heating control system is ideal for retrofitting into existing buildings where major works would be undesirable – from extreme cases such as buildings of historic interest, through to the more mundane office applications where minimum disruption to a working environment is acceptable. Beyond this, it also has applications in new build and anywhere that there isn’t a good reason to pull cable.

Z-Wave (Open Standard)

Almost any type of electronic device can be controlled or interrogated via Z-Wave – with typical examples including lighting, appliances, heating. With each device being individually addressable, Z-Wave is a flexible solution for lighting and building automation.

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