C-Bus Lighting Control

C-Bus is a building automation communications protocol, designed to control and manage lighting, heating and security over Cat.5 cable. It works well in small scale domestic installations but scales up to work in commercial applications, and More Solutions experience with C-Bus in large commercial applications such as stadiums is a testament to this.

C-Bus utilises a dedicated low voltage cabling infrastructure, typically using Cat.5 but capable of running over other cable types and using various network topologies. This makes C-Bus a robust and reliable choice for large critical applications.

C-Bus Hardware

The range of C-Bus hardware covers the full variety of lighting and building automation, including occupancy and light level sensors and switches (typically powered directly from C-Bus), relay and dimmer output units, touch screen and remote control interfaces, as well as a interfacing to other systems (Ethernet, DALI/DSI, DMX, etc). C-Bus is ideal for (although not limited to) riser-based commercial installation, providing easy access to control modules when the building is in use.

C-Bus Applications

With effective scene control, and powerful logic capability built into the units, C-Bus provides the means to create different atmospheres around your home or commercial building. In large commercial installations it comes into its own when interfaced to a head-end system allowing bespoke control of lighting and other systems across the entire building, and from where it can also be interfaced to BMS systems via OPC, Modbus, etc.

C-Bus Commissioning

C-Bus is ideal for large deployments, and More Solutions are able to fully develop the system configuration in advance of installation and commissioning, as well as generating test documentation to ensure that commissioning is fast and accurate. This means that even in a large project where time constraints can be an issue, More Solutions are able to do the bulk of the work even before the hardware is installed and powered.

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