Stadium Lighting Control

Lighting Control – Stadiums

Increasingly, commercial buildings and stadiums are no longer single use structures; ever increasing demands for greater value for money means buildings must be able to accommodate multi event types.


Stadium Software Solution

Whilst many large industrial buildings also have a mix of scenarios with different areas, large stadiums have the added complication of the amount of power required to bring on all the lights for national and international competitions. Full power for the main flood lights has to be phased on and monitored to ensure that the capabilities of the incoming power feeds, the internal switch gear and cabling are not exceeded.

The lighting control systems installed are robust solutions, controlled locally via switches and touch screens and networked back to PCs which provide enhanced functionality such as building wide scene control and scheduling. More Solutions has supplied systems for various industrial buildings and many famous British sporting stadiums.

Lighting Control Software Benefits

More Solutions can provide PC based head end software solutions to enable complete control of all lights within the stadium with a simple, easy to understand graphical user interface. This enables large areas of the stadium to be controlled using a small number of simple controls, enabling fast and reliable control throughout the stadium. The lighting system can be configured for full redundancy by being linked to multiple hardwired networks comprising hundreds of relay units, dimmers and local switches controlling thousands of individual lamps.

More Solutions’ software enables the user to have:

  • Flexibility – manual or automatic control with full scheduling features.
  • Security – the ability to control not only which users can access the system but also when, and to provide an audit trail.
  • Complete Control – scenes can control whole areas (e.g. one level or quadrant of the stadium) or by function (all corridors or toilets areas).
  • Energy Saving – switching lights off when not needed and managing intermediate levels of lighting using perhaps 50% of light fittings.
  • Maintenance Saving – lights can be used in rotation giving all lights in a particular area equal use.
  • Area Scene Setting – Zones within a room/area can be controlled individually to create the right atmosphere, however the room is utilised.

Expertise In Other Systems

More Solutions have designed, produced and commissioned a number of Stadium lighting projects over years. This has led to the establishment of a quick, economical and company bespoke method of installation. After thorough site surveys, most of the work is then carried out in house with very little time required on site to install and commission the software. This enables other contractors to have less interruption and ensures timely completion of the projects. Specialised tools automatically generate test sheets and application code from client lighting schedules reducing the scope for human error, and assisting the electrical contractor to diagnose and correct cabling errors.

More Solutions and Schneider have worked successfully together on many prestigious lighting and power monitoring projects over the years where the Clipsal C-Bus system was used.

However, More Solutions have long standing relationships with other lighting control suppliers and are not constrained to one system. Relationships with the major ballast and controls suppliers such as Triodonic, Osram, Honeywell and Phillips enables More Solutions to be flexible and make use of their individual strengths when delivering customer specific solutions utilising DALI or DSI technology.