Football Stadiums


More Solutions was responsible for the Clipsal C-Bus lighting management system software for a number of national and premiership football stadiums. Whilst many large industrial buildings also have a mix of scenarios with different areas, large stadiums have the added complication of the amount of power required to bring on all the lights for national and international competitions, combined with unusual usage patterns which can see them largely unused for most of the year with relatively short periods of substantial activity.

Software capability includes controlled switching of high current (eg flood) lighting to ensure that the capabilities of the incoming power feeds, the internal switch gear and cabling are not exceeded.

In each case, the stadiums have a networked lighting control system throughout the building and its exterior, including the pitch, concourse and circulation/service areas, through to the iconic feature lighting that will define the stadium’s presence over long distances on event days. The systems provide scheduled lighting control with integrated event lighting management taking the entire stadium through stages starting several hours before an event, during the event itself, and on to the safe departure of the thousands of fans after the event.

For system resilience, head end control can be duplicated to provide redundancy.