Legacy Lighting Control Systems

More Solutions are experts in dealing with legacy lighting control products and lighting technologies.

On many building systems while they may be functionally sound, their control components are at the end of their life cycle. Obsolete, legacy lighting systems can be a problem to fix when original parts can be difficult to find.

At More Solutions, we specialise in providing dedicated technical support and care on rectifying and fixing faults, maintaining programming parameters and ensuring that lighting control systems are fully optimised and functioning.

With increasing advances in lighting technologies and greater calls for building regulations, both new and existing building automations systems (BMS) are actively looking to optimise their resources.

For legacy based products, we support a wide range of lighting control technologies to ensure ongoing maintenance (where applicable) and for upgrading existing systems to provide future proof cost benefits. In particular, More Solutions provides dedicated support on D-Bus protocols and D-Bus lighting control systems.

At More Solutions, we understand the importance of scalability and are dedicated in providing on-going support of legacy based lighting control systems to ensure optimal building efficiency. If you require support on legacy based lighting solutions or have a lighting application that you wish to have supported, contact More Solutions on 0844 251 1450.